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At Portland Chiropractic Clinic, we focus on Auto Injury recovery, with thousands of patients successfully treated. Our goal is to help our patients be restored to their pre-accident condition as quickly as possible by offering the most effective treatments for recovery. It is of vital importance that the body is supported during this healing process so that the body may heal correctly, with proper alignment and structural integrity.  The treatment plans depend on the severity of the injuries.  Treatment is evidence-based, medical necessary, and reasonable.

Don't let an accident leave you with life long pain. The sooner you set your body on the road to proper healing, the better chance you have for full recovery. 

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible for evaluation so we may map out your ideal treatment plan. If you've been injured, you should also know that Oregon Personal Injury Protection (PIP) covers the cost of our services no matter who was at fault.

Have you been injured in an accident? We have treated thousands of individuals with neck & back sprain/strain or other traumatic injury from a motor vehicle accident. If you have been injured, we urge you to start your healing process with us right away. The sooner you seek treatment for your injuries, the better chance you have of full recovery.
Recovering From a Traumatic Injury
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